Leica iiic/f repair

I have always wanted a Leica. As a professional I simply could not justify buying one. I have used many different cameras over the years. My main one for a long time was a Sinar P2 with all the trimmings. I needed several trunks and an assistant to carry the gear around on location. I have had many Hasselblads and Rollei. Nikon, Pentax, Minolta the list is long. However never a Leica. I spotted a 1950 Leica iiif on ebay. It was in fact a iiic converted by Leica to a iiif. It was described as having an intermittent shutter and hazy viewfinder.

Having serviced and repaired Rolleiflex cameras for many years out of necessity I was pretty sure I could repair it. My first job was the shutter. As I expected the only problem was one spring which has a tendency to jump if the camera is knocked heavily. It has the incorrect tension and the shutter becomes intermittent. A very simple fix. The slow escapement was obviously in need of a clean also. I was impressed with the quality of craftsmanship. Easily as good as a Rolleiflex only more robust due to its size. This made cleaning it easy. The slow escapement is relatively easy to access unlike my Canon P and very easy to clean and put back. I was delighted to find the shutter was as accurate as the day it came out the factory.

The rangefinder is however is not so easy. It required a new mirror which was easy and cheap to obtain in Japan. My camera had an issue with the horizontal adjustment. Years of abuse had taken its toll on the small screw and it was necessary to replace it. I have found the camera a joy to use. I am sure it would drive most people nuts with its double viewfinder and small window. It is fiddly to say the least but it is a beautiful instrument and is a pleasure to use. The images are wonderful. I`m using two Russian lenses at present. An Industar 61LD and an Industar 10. Both lenses appear to be sharper than my Pentax smc 50mm 1.4 however I shall have to do a test and publish the results. I`m not one for ultimate sharpness its the feel a lens portrays I like. No doubt at some point I shall buy a Summicron 50mm but I may end up with a Leica M3 or M6 so I may as well wait and get one with a bayonet fitting. In the mean time I cant fault the two lenses I have. I also have a Leica 90mm ltm which I haven´t used much yet but it appears ok. I shall publish a few images at some point. I shall add a photo in the next few days. Its not mint but a great camera which will be working long after I have left this planet.

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