Industar 61 L/D

D3S_0796-460What a great lens. I`m not really interested in pixel counting. However this is a great lens. I`m a photographer not a collector. I can only comment on my own experience. I have owned Nikon. Never really got on with them though I have always considered them to be reliable and do the job. I have had Nikon F2 of all types, owned an F3 when it first came out I`ve had canon and I am a firm Pentax user. I still use an MX and ME super. My Industar lens is great. Sharp as any I have used.  I love Schneider lenses over Zeiss maybe I`m strange but I print my own prints and I usually use Ilford Pan f so its one of those personal things. Having said that I process my film in a unique way. A combination of stand development. One hour. It has been 35 years of trial and error combined with what I like and where I live. Thats what makes photography so individual and a personal expression. Photography is not art it is a science. As an artist I see clearly the difference. I can paint what I want, the camera will show only what it sees. The art is in using lenses and development along with printing to produce a pre conceived idea of a scene. The industar is a great lens worthy of  attaching to any rangefinder camera. Sure a Leica summicron is sharper but its content that matters and using it in daily life they are hard to tell apart. My Rolleicord has won awards for me and Ive never owned a Rolleiflex. Ive repaired to many. They have issues. My Rolleicord has never let me down and its only micro contrast that makes the difference.

My thanks to Ken Rockwell for a great photo. I can recommend Ken as a good balanced source of information. I hope he is ok  with me borrowing his photo.


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  1. The image I just updated is taken using the Industar 61L/D. I am very happy with the result. No doubt a Summicron is superior in sharpness however for my purposes it is fine. The film was processed as per my other article Stand processing.

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