Stand film processing

Processing of film is a science. It is all about chemicals and reactions. There is no correct process just one which works for you. I shall start at the beginning. Many photographers are unaware that there camera measures everything at mid grey. Take three pieces of paper black, white and grey, meter them and take ... Read more

Industar 61 L/D

What a great lens. I`m not really interested in pixel counting. However this is a great lens. I`m a photographer not a collector. I can only comment on my own experience. I have owned Nikon. Never really got on with them though I have always considered them to be reliable and do the job. I ... Read more

Leica iiic/f repair

I have always wanted a Leica. As a professional I simply could not justify buying one. I have used many different cameras over the years. My main one for a long time was a Sinar P2 with all the trimmings. I needed several trunks and an assistant to carry the gear around on location. I ... Read more

Digital Filing

For my first lesson I am going to give advise on the storage of digital files. Probably not something most people give any thought to. Its not like the old days of film. They were stored in acid free sleeves and kept away from humidity and light. Clearly today with our digital images its all ... Read more

Welcome to my new Blog

I shall be posting lessons and tips for photographers who are interested in landscape photography. Topics will range from from digital to film. From post processing to actual wet darkroom process. I will do the odd camera review and discuss options for printing and any other topic people may ask me to cover. I am ... Read more