Practical advise from a Professional Photographer with over 30 years experience.

  1. Photography as a Business.
  2. Digital Landscape Photography on location.
  3. Black and White processing and printing.

Photography as a Business

This topic is vast and will cover every aspect. To list a few we have : Industrial, Portraits, Weddings, General practise, Commercial, Advertising.

We also will cover: Lighting, Marketing, Gear, Business practise, Accounting, Finances.

Each one of these subjects is vital for success and each one needs to be tailored to the type of business, the personality of the photographer and the location. I have experience as a consultant and it is my aim to be able to help people with practical advise gained from years of experience. Much of what I know was gained through my own successes and failures, much was also taught to me by photographers experts in there own right.

Digital Landscape Photography on location

I am going to run courses both here in Spain, locally in LogroƱo and abroad possibly the Swiss Alps and my home Zimbabwe. The locations will be chosen and all the necessary arrangements will be made for accommodation and transport. I intend to keep the numbers down to ensure people get all the attention they need to get the most from the course.

Black and White processing and Printing

These courses will be run from home in Cartagena, Spain. For people travelling from abroad I can make arrangements for accommodation. The courses will be restricted to two people per course for practical reasons and so the students will get the maximum from the course.