I am a professional photographer with over 30 years experience in Landscape Photography. I still use my old Rolleicord V film camera which is nearly 60 years old. I have a classical Black and White darkroom which allows me to develop and print negatives from the Rollei. Using the Ansel Adams zone system allows me to control the limited range of contrasts in negative film. I shoot using single sheet film so each negative can be treated individually. Black and White film can be mimicked by digital but it has its own look and feel which works very well for some scenes. I also find the new digital cameras incredible in there ability to capture detail and mood. Digital images are without doubt far sharper and more detailed and offer a different feel to the end print. I carry both on location and often take the same scene using both cameras. My main aim is to reproduce the mood and colour and contrast as near as possible to the original. With modern digital cameras we are able to control every aspect of the image allowing us the opportunity to recreate the scene as closely as possible. I have travelled to many of the worlds mountain ranges including the Swiss Alps where I have taken pictures of the Matterhorn, Jungfrau etc, to the USA where I was lucky to be in Yosemite Valley for the Fall of 1985. The galleries are a mixture of Colour and Black and White images and I offer prints via digital printers or hand prints done by myself in the darkroom. There is work covering my entire career and I have included images I felt would be of interest or simply because they are favourites of mine. I have started the Blog to give me the opportunity to share some of the wealth of experience I have as a photographer. Photographers need to know not only how to set up an image in the viewfinder but understand the process by which the image is recorded. If you would like to get notifications from time to time about updates to the pages or the Blog fill out your email details on the contact page.

Magazine articles

I have written articles for the following two magazines recently. http://www.adorenoir.com/ This magazine is only Black and White. Mainly digital but some Film. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in high quality imagery of all types. Surreal, Landscape, Nude, Portrait and Street photography. The editors do a great job and its well worth the small subscription.

Light and Landscape Magazine is a free digital magazine which can be downloaded at the following link. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/light-landscape-magazine-no1/id680385551?mt=8

It is mainly digital colour photography and they run classes for amateurs wishing to learn more. It only covers landscapes.